Elegance Range



The Elegance ranges are coloured films with a special top coating that allows them to be printed on and finished with different technologies for different applications (cases, catalogues, labels, PV, book covers).

The ELEGANCE range allows color to be incorporated into the film (Red, Blue and Black), obtaining a uniform shade throughout the surface. The adherence it offers for varnishes and stampings means excellent results are obtained.

This new range of colored films by DERPROSA Films is composed by:

  • ELEGANCE Black  SoFT TOUcH is a black film intense and uniform  with SoFT TOUcH tactile properties.
  • ELEGANCE Blue Metallized is a matt film with a metallic effect. The product itself incorporates the color blue, with which you get a uniform metallic color, without the need for color printing on paper.
  • ELEGANCE Red Metallized incorporates the color red with a metallic effect, without printing on paper.
  • SILVER Metallized gets a great mirror effect and their adhesion properties allow varnish and stampings on the film itself.
  • SILVER Matt is the first film metallized with anti scratch and anti fingerprint properties.

ELEGANCE line allow do not use colored  inks on the base for lamination, providing color the film itself, and can be stamped, printed and be covered with varnish on its surface.

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