Derprosa enters the USA, consolidating its international expansion

The East Coast of the United States has been chosen by Derprosa to set up Derprosa Speciality Films, the company’s first USA warehouse.

Derprosa, the leader in special coated films, opened its first warehouse, Derprosa Speciality Films, in Newark, New Jersey, last February. This joins the ones already present in France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and Mexico. The opening is part of the international expansion strategy that Derprosa is currently implementing.

For the last few months, the Derprosa Speciality Films warehouse has allowed the company to serve customers in the USA market directly, allowing them to acquire small quantities of film in the country without the need to import material they might need from Derprosa’s headquarters in Spain, as was previously the case. This location allows the company to offer a faster service to customers in the United States.

The need for this new facility arose from the great demand for material that exists in the USA among the different markets that Derprosa serves. Derprosa Speciality Films currently serves different sectors that have experienced a growing demand for products: the luxury packaging sector (specifically luxury folding cartons), book publishing, digital printing, large-format printing and the labelling sector.

The success of Derprosa’s films, both in its domestic market and internationally, across the range of industries in which it operates has been the result of the quality and innovation the company offers with its films.

This is possible thanks to the endeavour of Derprosa’s R&D Department, with its focus on innovation and the creation of new films. As a result of this section’s research, Derprosa is the pioneer and creator of the SoFT TOUcH Matt technology, as well as latest generation films like the Matt Anti-scuff, a ‘finishable’ film, meaning one that can be glued, printed on and given a finish.
Within the range of products created by Derprosa, it is possible to find films with anti-bacterial properties and special metallized films, perfect for digital printing, as well as the products from its ELEGANCE line, films with different colours and special top coatings that can be printed on and finished with different technologies depending on the different applications desired, such as boxes and cartons, catalogues, labels, POS display, book covers, etc.

You can get a better idea about these films at the following websites:

www.derprosadeluxe.com, www.elegancederprosa.com and www.softtouchderprosa.com.

The company’s commitment to innovation means that Derprosa Speciality Films can offer a wide range of special films, and makes it the ideal partner for developing new films for specific projects thanks to the flexibility and skills of its R&D Department.

In this way the company has put itself at the forefront of the graphic arts industry and the lamination sector as well as at the cutting edge of varied finishing solutions for packaging.срочные займы онлайн на банковскую карту topod.inраскруткаtopod

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