After the good reception of the news of the company at shows throughout the year, such as Monaco, Chicago and Shanghai, the company continues to develop Spanish international exhibitions attending top level of the sectors in which it operates. Mexico was a must .

At the Fair, which is attended with their partner Techno & Laminate Packaging, Derprosa Films distributor in Mexico, presented the products have better reception internationally.

Among the solutions developed lately Derprosa could highlight those that pose novel visual effects, touch solutions or properties quite different to those already on the market. Today it is possible to differentiate with much added value when used novel applications in lamination films.

Derprosa, who was born 25 years ago, is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film for packaging industries, covers of books, graphic supports rolling paper / cardboard, laminating labels and flexible packaging of food.

According Ignacio López-Baillo García, Commercial Director of DERPROSA FILMS, ” the key is innovation.” ” Our company supports their innovative activity in an R & D that has proved especially effective solutions providing high added value .”

For example today Derprosa offer metallized films that have great advantages over the traditional use of metallic inks. Higher quality and better spin with the results offered by lamination films such as the film SILVER which achieves an incredible mirror, or Soft Touch METALLIZED film, even with the possibility of matte finishes . See www.softtouchfilm.com

Soft Touch by Derprosa is a revolutionary film as brings a finishing touch of softness properties. This is the first film that provides a soft feel, and a very high resistance to scratches, matte finish optical properties that do not distort the original colors and offers a very high level of protection and adherence to the printed media .

FILM DERPROSA has pioneered the development of this film, being the company that owns the patent of Soft Touch which has given confidence in a variety of prestigious brands worldwide.

Furthermore, the use of films to overcome limitations associated with traditional print. Color films are endowed able to make the quality of printing and the effect of color look intensified and thus achieve results that stand out from others. This applies, for example, the range ELEGANCE, in which the adhesion of paints and stampings have an excellent outcome, and may even be glued what is ideal for the manufacture of boxes. ( www.elegancefilm.com )

Speaking of plastic film, in many cases, wrongly associated with pollution and waste. For this reason, one of the efforts of DERPROSA FILMS such as Commercial Director tells us, has been the development of environmentally friendly solutions, as well as incorporating films with antibacterial effect .

” From DERPROSA FILMS try to offer new solutions that are capable of reflecting the sector’s leading fashions through the work of developing new films to achieve new solutions that surprise and add value ,” said Ignacio Lopez-Baillo.кредит на открытие малого бизнесасео оптимизатор этопродвижениеоптимизация для поисковых систем

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